More Choices than any other Brokerage ?….We think so.

At JackBarryRealtors.., where we have practiced realty since 1979, we believe the  client should have many choices of how they work with us..

The only way we won’t work is: Dual Agency, where the one agent tries to be the agent of both sides in the same transaction…   That creates an unavoidable “conflict of interest”…  One part of being an agent is that your client, your “principal”,  has to be able to repose confidences in you, and expect you to keep them confidential.  If you, the seller, tell me you have to sell within 30 days, regardless, and then the buyer comes along, on the 25th day, and I start acting as HIS agent, as well.?  What if the buyer says “I will pay full price for this property, but lets offer 80%, since I want to “arm wrestle this seller, to wear him down.”. … … How can I not act on my confidential knowledge that my seller is up against the wall, timewise.  Essentially: one wants the “top dollar”, and the other wants “a bargain… Whose interests do I

 push for….?    Do I turn the buyer over to one of my associates,  and NOT tell him all that I know of what the buyer is willing to do.?  There is no way that both sides get my best efforts….! Somebody gets shortchanged.

What we do:   We tell the buyer: “We cannot also be your agent…  We will give you all the data on recent sales, and currently available, similar property… We will write up the offer, for the price that YOU alone decide on. We will then convey that offer to the seller, and explain that we provided the help we did provide, short of telling the buyer what to offer, and “how to bargain”..   This is what we mean when we say we practice “Full Disclosure”

Call us at: 415 564 0225, to discuss this, if desired.



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