About “JackBarry99’s Weblog”

I am setting up this Weblog to be a place for me and my friends to post a note about anything they want to share, whether it is  personal, political, pleasurable, or whatever.  …just so long as the language is  of a level that would pass for use on  the radio….. 

Feel free to write about food, sports, religion,  lack of religion, fitness, happiness, and yesterday’s news, etc.

Feel free to comment on commentary of others, so long as it is “sociably framed”… No flames, please.


2 Responses to “About “JackBarry99’s Weblog””

  1. jackbarry99 Says:

    Whoops… I accidentally deleted not only the template “example page” that WordPress sent me, but also the substantive post that I wrote, as my #1 post, and then one in response, by Giampaolo…

    Here we go, looking for the graveyard of “Accidentally Dead Pages”.

  2. jackbarry99 Says:

    I am off to the Help section, in search of the “Unseen Scrolls”

    Stay tuned.

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